..Re Coverering with Sofaboats, custom-made and bespoke furniture - custom made sofas and furniture for boats and the leisure industry

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..Re Coverering with Sofaboats, custom-made and bespoke furniture

About Us

Sofaboats also offers an upholstery recover service for your special sofas and chairs. People seldom realise the amount of work involved to bring their cherished piece of furniture back to its former glory. The whole process of recovering is painstaking and very time consuming. When we see them in their own Boat, we can see the outer covers and general condition of the padding and springs etc. on the piece to be recovered, but what about the things you can’t see? With that in mind, the first stage is.........
Step 1 We discuss with you your exact requirements and ascertain whether the whole piece needs recovering, or, if any of the cushions are to be kept and if so does the padding need replacing?
Step 2 you choose a new fabric.
We will then collect your furniture and the real work can begin.
Step 3 all the covering has to be carefully removed, virtually staple for staple or tack for tack.
Step 4 the foam and padding may be deteriorating and need replacing. Depending on the age of the piece the paddings                        may have to be replaced anyway to comply with current Fire regulations.
It is amazing how many pieces of furniture we see that are actually held together by the covering. Once the fabric and foam have been removed we can see why it rocked slightly so will need......
Step 5 the frame has to have some frame surgery carried out. Some old pieces even show signs of woodworm.
These first 5 steps are undertaken before the re upholstery service has even started.
Step 6 all fabric has to be carefully unpicked and used as the pattern on the new fabric you chose so that an identical cover can be cut and sewn.
Step 7 The frame is then re foamed, padded and re sprung using modern fire retardant materials.
Step 8 the newly sewn covers are then applied to the foamed, padded frame to your specifications.
Step 9 all seat and back cushions are then re-sewn and filled with either the original fillings or new ones specially ordered for your piece of furniture.
Step 10 Your completed recover is delivered back to your home
If we are making new furniture steps 3 to 6 inclusive are not required. 2 or 3 days can be spent on these steps and that’s where major costs are involved, when in reality, all you have save in a recover is the cost of the frame.
We are more than happy to help if you wish to have your family heir loom, treasured piece of furniture or the most comfy thing you have ever sat on recovered.
If you would like a FREE no obligation quote please contact us and we can arrange an appointment convenient for you.

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